Vanessa Hudgens Was Looking F-I-N-E In A Low-Cut Dress At Some Event We Weren’t Invited To

I wonder if Vanessa Hudgens knows where his eyes are looking?

Vanessa Hudgens was at some event called… hang on… The Hollywood Foreign Press Association and InStyle Celebration of The 2016 Golden Globe Award Season the other day. Why do these celebrity events always have such long, drawn-out titles? Oh yeah, they’re pretentious. That’s right.

Anyway, this was the same event that Jamie Foxx’s sexy college-aged daughter was named Miss Golden Globe 2016 so you know it was a real doozy of a shindig.

We also know that it was a good event because just look at the choice Vanessa Hudgens made here when it came to picking out a dress. You don’t wear something like that if it isn’t an important occasion.

I have no idea what I’m talking about. Here are more pics… (AKA the reason you clicked this.)