Chick Wakesurfing Behind A Boat Catches Beer, Fills Beer Bong, And Bongs That Beer Like A GODDAMN CHAMP

This right here is EVERYTHING I’ve come to know and love about Summer. In less than one minute this clip managed to include beer, beer bongs, wakeboarding, boats, lakes, bikinis, and the chicks wearing those bikinis.

All of this went down at Texas’ infamous Lake Austin, part of the Colorado River watershed in…you guessed it, Austin, and the chick wakeskating like a goddamn champ is someone by the name of Melanie Stewart. At the time of posting she’s seen some crazy viral success as her personal video on Facebook has since been shared by over 12,000 people and been watched over 1.4 million times. Once you see her bouncing up and down in that bikini while bonging a beer you’ll understand why this video’s gone so crazy viral:

If this chick’s not already in a relationship one of you Texas bros need to find her and marry her, because after watching that clip about 50 times I’m now 99.999% certain that she’s the perfect woman.

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