Do You Want To See 49-Year-Old Liz Hurley In A Thong?

by 4 years ago

E! The Royals

Do you remember how shagadelic Liz Hurley was in Austin Powers? Of course you do! The nude scene was one of the greatest comedy scenes of all time, if not the highlight of your adolescence:

Liz Hurley is 49-years old these days and stars in the E! show “The Royals,” which is a show no Bro should ever watch. But hey! It features scenes with Liz Hurley in a thong, so how bad can it be? Here is said scene of Liz Hurley a.k.a. The Queen in a thong. It comes from this video, which you can only watch if you’re in the royal-loving UK:


E! The Royals

Apparently this is a reoccurring thing in this show…


E! The Royals

49-years-old, eh? Damn. God save The Queen.



[H/T: Ladbible]