Forgotten Foxes: Whatever Happened to Helen Slater?

Nowadays, it’s impossible not to find the latest picture of Rihanna’s half-naked selfie or Miley Cyrus’ side-boob shot online within minutes of it being taken. We’re not saying that’s a bad thing, but there are loads of hotties from yesteryear that have been all but forgotten by the Digital Age and are just begging for rediscovery.

BroBible’s made it its mission to re-introduce them to you one by one. Our first subject: Helen Slater.

Best Known For: Supergirl (1984) and The Secret of My Succe$s (1987)

Body of Evidence: Slater is best known as a blonde, for her girl-next-door looks, piercing eyes, and amazing smile — this all with her clothes on (take that, Gaga!). Obviously in Supergirl, Slater is wearing a tight, form-fitting costume for most of the movie, so you’ll get your money’s worth (watch the hokey trailer here). The Secret of My Succe$s, on the other hand, is all about workplace hookups (i.e. “shitting where you eat”) — which we guarantee you’re fantasizing about with that MILF in the neighboring cubicle. Michael J. Fox’s love interest in the flick, Slater rocks hot business attire for most of the movie, but there’s at least one scene where she’s in a backless dress, her blonde hair slicked back American Psycho-style. Way hotter than catching a fleeting glimpse of Brit-Brit’s vag.

Best Scene: Watch Slater practically fellate a water fountain. You’ll never look at H2O again the same way.

Where Is She Now? She’s been off the market for quite awhile, but she’s still active in the acting community and makes music these days. Check out some great pics, past and present, on her official website