It’s Not Just Hot Outside in This Week’s Hottie Index

Win McMurry (pictured above)
The internet was taken over by McMurry on Wednesday night and Thursday morning when everyone was trying to figure out who the hot blonde accompanying Michael Phelps to the ESPYs was. Fans of the links already knew who Win was because she’s been on The Golf Channel for some time now and was on before that. It seems as if Phelps has done pretty well for himself here, but you might be wondering (as people do with most celebrities) whether or not McMurry holds up in person. Unlike all the other girls who show up on this list, I can actually say I know McMurry personally and can vouch that Phelps bagged himself a nice one here. I, however, can’t attest to whether or not he makes her wear a gold medal around her neck when they’re alone in bed together.

Alex Morgan
The second most female buzz from the ESPYs surrounded the outfits of the known commodities. Katherine Webb and Hope Solo were looking mighty fine, but the skirt Morgan was wearing was unreal. Just look how tight her little ass is in that thing. She knows she doesn’t have the best top shelf so she was smart enough to accentuate her best feature. Either that or her personal designer was, but either way someone knows what they’re doing.

Nicki Minaj
I’m not sure what’s the official social media campaign for Thursdays between #throwbackthursday, #towelthursday, or #thongthursday, but I’m on board as long as it involves naked body parts. If Minaj is known for any part specifically, it’s her butt and that was on full display when she showed it off in a thong on Instagram. (I personally love the irony of the timing because exactly a year ago a friend of mine brought a Minaj lookalike to a party and people were taking pictures with her butt to pretend they’d seen her out.) God bless the internet.

Tara Holt
There are people out there who are put off by Kristin Stewart’s lifeless demeanor. She’s hot, but the way she dresses and acts is mildly off-putting. The paparazzi is over her every move and because of that we were gifted bikini pictures of her co-star Holt in a in the movie “Camp X-Ray” they’re filming together. (Am I the only one who thinks “Camp X-Ray” sounds like a porno?) Holt’s held many a meaningless roll in film and TV, so her role here is no doubt minimal as well. We’ll take the exposure when we can.

It’s almost as if Rihanna hired Lindsay Lohan’s publicist for the week because a different blast seemed to come out about her every 12 hours this week. There were plenty of highlights, but for starters she was rocking a “slutz” tanktop. Then she was getting pelted with potato chips in Manchester while on stage. Finanlly she rocked some type of cover up that barely covered her gash. (Not that she’s ever one to cover up much of her body.) She’ll really have to outdo herself to beat this coverage next week.