Women Reveal Their Not So Subtle Clues They Give Their Men To Tell Them They Want To Have Sex


For the most part, fellas aren’t astute enough to pick up on subtle social cues that women would like to get intimate. Women like to play persuasive games and seduce their partner. That usually goes over the head of men. In a recent Ask Reddit, this question was pondered, “Ladies of Reddit, what subtle clues do you give your man when you’re in the mood?” Females were happy to reveal their gestures to inform their man that their engine is purring. Some of them were subtle, while others were blatantly obvious they wanted a one-way ticket to poundtown. Some men provided the signals that their wife or girlfriend gives to notify them that they want some sweet, sweet lovemaking.

Estebonus: Not a lady, but my wife like to seductively Block out 30 minutes on her dayplanner a week in advance. It’s hot.

snippybitch: You can’t be subtle, either you mount him or he has no clue. Source: had my 7 yr wedding anniversary yesterday.

Meat_Confetti: My wife is super subtle. I can tell by how the goodnight kiss goes. If I get a peck on the lips I know nothing’s happening. If I get a longer kiss, then I still know that nothing’s happening. Because nothing ever happens.

wanderluststricken: You really can’t be subtle. I tried doing the flirty seduction thing, doesn’t work. I tried suggesting we go to bed a bit early to “cuddle”, doesn’t work. Now I just casually bend down in front of him either naked or in just panties and he gets really horny and thinks it’s his idea.

DarkRecess-: It started off as a joke about me being as romantic as a brick to the head (we were talking about how being British, we don’t have a romantic stereotype) but now I say it every time just to hear him giggle: “Get on your back, you’re getting it!” Works every time.

tehweave: Ladies, this. In our age of “everything a man does is considered creepy” you will literally need to shove our cock inside your vagina before we understand “Oh, you really DO want to have sex!”

HitlersHotpants: I lead him by the hand into the bedroom and whisper those magic words into his ear “the baby’s asleep”. Then we have very quiet sex while trying not to make eye contact with the dog.

figgypie: We have a tone of voice we use when we’re propositioning. We always ask “so… how you doing?” or “hey”. Followed by wiggling eyebrows. Then my husband usually jumps me.

dialmformurderess: I text him “u want sum fuk” from the other room. Works like a charm. 😏

SpaceAgeUnicorn: One morning I just grabbed his arm said “oh no, you’re so cold” and put his hand between my thighs. He got a giggle out of that one.

5meterhammer: My ex wife used to hug me and lightly dry hump me and go “eh, eh, eh” in unison with the thrusts.

PM_ME_PUPPIES_PLZZ: Today I walked into his room, pretended to be a robot, and in my best robot voice said “Proceed with the sex.” Made him giggle, and I got pounded 😉

lynnaimee: Okay, if you want SUBTLE, normally I’ll bite my lip and stare at his mouth and give him the fuck me eyes. Or make sure he catches me staring at his crotch. Or touching of any kind is usually golden.

rewayna: I’ve learned that “subtle” doesn’t work with my husband. Tits come out, and are shoved in his face. If that doesn’t work, I straight up say, “Time to fuck.” He gets the picture then.

pamzee70: Wear a short skirt with no panties and bend over in front of him

halfadash6: I usually just take off my clothes or start rubbing myself on him. Doing squats directly in front of him is also effective.

aestherisms: Snapchat him extremely zoomed in pictures of Guy Fieri and add the caption ‘take me to flavortown’.


How could he not be turned on?