51-Year-Old Sex Writer Preaches That The More Sexual Partners Women Have The More Valuable They Are

Gentlemen, meet Schahrzad Morgan, this lovely woman who is in her early 50s does not let her age stop her from satisfying any and all sexual desires. Last year, she wrote a sex memoir titled “The F-ck List.”

A description of the book on Amazon:

After 25 years of marriage, Schahrzad, mother of three, files for divorce and decides to embark on a powerful journey of sexual discovery, liberation and freedom. Her memoir, The F-ck List, takes us on her riveting ride over the course of two years, as she lets go of her inhibitions and explores her relationship to her body, desire, and sexuality. The F-ck List is a woman’s courageous story about healing old wounds, discovering pleasure, and claiming lust. A must read if you want to get turned on.

And discovering pleasure is one thing that Miss Morgan is not shy about talking about. On her YouTube channel she talks about everything from “using a strapon on a man for anal pleasuring,” her love of masturbating, why men don’t taste their own cum, she “needs to be fucked well daily to thrive”, why weed dries up her pussy, “why younger men love sex with older women,” the “honor of having a man ejaculate on her face,” how to cut a mango, facesitting and squirting.

Schahrzad sounds like a good egg.

Schahrzad, who has apparently been a stripper and an escort, boasts that she recently had sex with four different men in one day. And there is a good reason for all that fucking… she subscribes to the philosophy that the more sex partners that a woman has, the more valuable she is.

That’s putting your money where your mouth and vagina is.

I have to agree with Schahrzad on this one. You wouldn’t want a lawyer who had only defended one client in their career or a soldier next to you in the foxhole who only spent three days in basic training. An sexually experienced woman knows what she wants in the sack, knows what pleases a man and knows how to do it.

I’m not really into MILFs, but she does exude a sexual aura.




Good for you Schahrzad, get those dicks!