Yara Khmidan In A Bikini Video Is The Sexiest Thing You Will See All Day

Yara Khmidan, remember that name. Then again, once you see her in this HOT new bikini video for Beach Bunny I promise you’ll never forget her.

I don’t know how Beach Bunny keeps doing it, finding one AMAZINGLY hot model after another, but they do. Just check out this list of women who have modeled for them over the past year or two: Hailey Clauson, Irina Shayk, Nina Agdal, Kate Upton, Chrissy Teigen, Lisalla Montenegro, Cameron Russell, Bar Paly, Xenia Deli, Tiffany Keller, Valerie Van Der Graaf, and Melissa Bolona.

And now, Yara Khmidan…