10 most American beers you can drink

American Patriot


Americans buy over $1 billion worth of beer for the 4th of July, but not all freedom juice is created equally. If you want to truly be ‘Murican this Independence Day, get your hands on any of these 10 most American beers.

Budweiser is the easy choice for Independence Day. Even though it’s not American owned, it’s still an American beer. It was created in America and is still brewed in America by Americans. Argue you all you want, but that makes it more American than the Chinese-made Stars and Bars flag you’re waving. Budweiser has nothing on patriotism of these beers though. They ooze ‘Murica. They scream freedom from the back of a bald eagle with M4 carbines for legs. They don’t wave flags, they dye their skin red, white and blue… if beer had skin that is.

1. Tyranny – Lager Heads Brewing



2. Brew Free of Die IPA – 21st Amendment Brewery

21st Amendment


3. American Beer – Pittsburgh Brewing

Pittsburgh Brewing


4. American Patriot Beer

American Patriot


5. Freedom American IPA – Natty Green Brewing

Natty Green


Need meat with all this American beer?


6. Founding Fathers Lager

Founding Fathers Lager


7. Patriot Pale Ale – RJ Rockers Brewing

RJ Rockers


8. Homefront IPA – Cigar City / Left Hand Brewing

Cigar City / Left Hand


9. Ol’ Glory Beer



10. Liberty Ale – Anchor Brewing