10 most unhealthy items at top fast food restaurants



No one is dumb enough to believe that fast food is good for you, but some of these calorie counts are astounding. Number one on the list is the equivalent of 8 orders of Sonic tater tots.

We took the single most unhealthy regular menu item from each of the top 10 fast food restaurants* in America and then ranked them by calorie content. While that isn’t an exact measure of unhealthiness, that’s the criteria we used. We’ve also included grams of fat, milligrams of sodium, grams of carbs, and grams of sugar. For reference, a McDonald’s packet of salt is 270 mg. Picture that as you scroll through items with 2000+.

*We substituted #11, Sonic, for #8, Pizza Hut, as most items under the red roof are intended to be shared.

10 Chick-fil-A: Spicy Chicken Sandwich Deluxe



Chick-fil-A had plenty of bad press last year, but no one would have cared if their food wasn’t delicious. The best item on that menu is their spicy chicken sandwich. Unfortunately it’s also the most unhealthy piece of chicken in the shack.

Calories: 570

Fat: 27

Sodium: 1790

Carbs: 50

Sugar: 7

9 Starbucks Venti Whole Milk Hot chocolate with whipped cream



Hot chocolate is the way to go if you need a way to warm up in the winter but won’t be near a bathroom in 30 minutes. It’s rich, delicious, and makes you feel like a kid again. It can also help you pack on some pounds for extra insulation.

Calories: 690g

Fat: 40.4

Sodium: 186

Carbs: 74

Sugar: 60

8 KFC: Chicken Pot Pie



Speaking of feeling like a kid, has anyone eaten a chicken pot pie since you turned 13? I haven’t, though I have had a pizza pot pie. That clearly didn’t come from KFC though, so let’s stick to the foodstuff at hand.

Calories: 790

Fat: 45

Sodium: 1970

Carbs: 66

Sugar: 7

7 Taco Bell: XXL Grilled Stuffed Beef Burrito

Taco Bell

Taco Bell

The problem with Taco Bell is that everything is so terribly delicious that you need to maximize the number of items ordered every time. That leaves little room for a monstrosity like the XXL Grilled Stuffed Burrito. That may be for the best.

Calories: 880

Fat: 42

Sodium: 2080

Carbs: 95

Sugar: 6

6 Dunkin’ Donuts: Large Frozen Caramel Coffee with Cream

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts

Beverages are the quiet killer when it comes to calorie bombs. Most people assume they’ll overestimate and say their drink is a few hundred calories, but often times that doesn’t even scratch the surface. This is 32-ounces of tummiberry juice.

Calories: 1050

Fat: 52

Sodium: 260

Carbs: 143

Sugar: 130

5 Wendy’s: 3/4 lb Triple Burger



When the weight of an item is right there on the menu, odds are you shouldn’t eat it. Something about Wendy’s square burgers makes me want to stack them as high as I can though. It’s like Krabby Patty Jenga.

Calories: 1060

Fat: 67

Sodium: 2020

Carbs: 42

Sugar: 10

4 Subway: Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt



Formerly fat Fogle can eat fresh all he wants, but when you throw bacon and ranch on a sub it defeats the purpose. In fact, even without upgrading to a better bread than white or wheat, this sandwich has 9x more fat than their much touted “6 Grams of Fat or Less” menu.

Calories: 1140

Fat: 56

Sodium: 2160

Carbs: 94

Sugar: 16

3 McDonald’s: Big Breakfast with Hotcakes (Large biscuit)



The Big Mac gets the bad rap, but it pales in comparison to the Big Breakfast. Much like the pot pie, I don’t think I’ve had hotcakes, or even typed the word hotcakes, since I was a wee young lad. Add in some sausage, eggs, an awkward hashbrown wedge, and a biscuit and you’ve got short trip to heaven.

Calories: 1150

Fat: 60

Sodium: 2260

Carbs: 116

Sugar: 17

2 Bk™ Ultimate Breakfast Platter

Burger King

Burger King

Not to be outdone by a jester in red shoes, the King staked his claim to the unhealthy thrown. This meal has identical parts to WacArnold’s, but it significantly ups the gut busting power. There’s a reason it’s called the BK Lounge. Customers need to rest for awhile after eating.

Calories: 1450

Fat: 84

Sodium: 2920

Carbs: 124

Sugar: 41

1 Large Oreo Sonic Blast



At a place with rollerskating carhops serving footlong coney dogs, the last thing I expected was that something named after a game for the Sega Game Gear would take the top prize. This honestly shocked me. I assumed it wasn’t healthy, but I don’t think there’s a person reading this who could have guessed these astounding numbers. You could eat 8 small orders of tots and still not have consumed the same number of calories. Actually, that sounds fantastic. To the tot shop!

Calories: 1780

Fat: 93

Sodium: 1270

Carbs: 210

Sugar: 177

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