10 things strippers hate, according to science (sort of)

Okay, not really science per se, but these 10 things strippers hate were recorded as a part of a survey so that’s kind of science-y right? Regardless, this is valuable information, people.

The ladies of Show Palace, a Queens-based strip club were asked what their biggest pet peeves were when it comes to the things they hate when plying their trade. Below were their responses. Pay attention, there may be a test afterwards.

1) Singles (aka cheap men). Don’t come to the club with $5 in singles and stay all night.

2) Smacking. Hands off the asses.

3) Wedding rings. Not only does that mean the guy is taken, but it goes back to the smacking. Ouch!

4) Smelly breath. BRUSH MEN, BRUSH. No one wants to be grinding on anything that smells like it’s dead.

5) Ballers on a budget. Don’t show up with a pack of guys with hopes to pass one girl around all night!

6) Chatty Cathys. If you want to talk, call your mom!

7) Cell phones. PERIOD. They like their privacy too.

8) Other women. At least not the lame ones who are there to monitor and not enjoy. Fun women are welcome!

9) Bill placement. Don’t try to put bills in their mouths or other areas…especially when they come from your sweaty hands! Keep it to the g-strings and other straps, guys!

10) Kissers. DON’T TRY IT. THE END.

You’ve officially been warned.

Stripper image by Shutterstock