10-year-old Seahawks fan melts down after game

When did shaming kids on YouTube become a thing? When did we decide it was cool to post videos of kids crying after sports losses? Moreover, when did parents become gigantic assholes? These are important questions and ones we desperately need the answer to. Especially after this clip of a 10-year-old girl balling her eyes out following the Seahawks loss.

“Let’s hug it out.” Hey Dad, this isn’t an episode of Dr. Phil. This is real life and those are real tears. Tears of a fan who just experienced unfathomable sadness. Take your cliched BS and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

As a Lions fan, I feel this girl’s pain and am thankful my days of adolescent fandom existed before the internet’s heyday. Also, my parents weren’t douchebags and wouldn’t dare disgrace our family in such a manner.