11 people not happy about Cool Ranch Doritos Tacos

Reports of rogue Cool Ranch Doritos Tacos popped up in early 2012 and were followed by a promise that the crispy slice of heaven would be released nationwide later that year. Well, the year is over, but that long forgotten promise may finally be fulfilled!

Taco Bell/Facebook

Yes, this is just a teaser, but it’s more than enough reason to get excited. It was posted to Taco Bell’s Facebook page with the caption, “Anything could happen in 2013.” Taco Bell is too smart to get people’s hopes up only to smash them yet again. Plus, why wouldn’t they release the next best thing since Guy Fieri? It’s obvious the item already has support, and they need a way to remind people that even though they came up with their Cantina menu, they’re still the same T-Bell we all know and love.

Obviously not everyone is as thrilled as I am. Like Mitch Hedberg would say if he was still around, you can’t please all the people all the time… and all those people are on the internet. Here are a few of the comments on the Facebook page from people that think they are smarter than Glen Bell.

  • Ann Russell Why can’t they give us a choice of what chips we want? For example, I do not like any flavored chips, just regular. But I have no choice!

That’s called a regular hard-shell taco, sweetheart. You’ve had that choice since 1952.

  • Sarah Clark This means nothing to me.

Thank you for your valuable input. I’m sure they’ll pass it along.

  • Marie League I think I just puked a little 🙁 yep. I definitely did.

Bulimia is a serious issue, and you shouldn’t joke about it.

  • Ella Nersesyan Man Taco Bell you’d do anything to make a buck

“And the corporations sit there in their… in their corporation buildings, and… and, and see, they’re all corporation-y… and they make money.”

  • Tanner Lamson thats gross, I hate cool ranch and I can tell that wont mix well. I could see other dorito flavors working though.

You hate the chip so your stance on its mixability is rendered irrelevant.

  • Samuel James Carlton Bell I’d rather someone work on the cure for cancer. But sure, cool ranch doritos taco.

He has a good point. Goddamnit Taco Bell, why can’t you fix everything!

  • Amanda Fay Duncan my boyfriend said they are for sure making one of these

Just one though, and I’m getting it. See you on eBay.

  • Charity Hope ya, well Taco Bell sucks major Ice sickles

Who doesn’t love to suck icicles? They’re nature’s candy hydration!

  • Kenn K Razy Webster Your food has gone down hill and the service sucks….I refuse to eat there any more….and try hiring people who can speak English….

Then why are you commenting on their Facebook page…in English? You know they can’t read it.

  • Vanessa Stallings Albert make an extra $20.00 today click here to see how [I deleted the link, f’ them.] message me with any question

You are the scum of the world, and I hope you drop your next 4th meal in a puddle.

  • Dottie Turner Lol Amy. One good thing, I learned about 34 years ago, is if you run out of klaussen pickles, but still have the brine, you can cut some ripe bananas into quarters, like spears, put them into the brine in the coldest part of your fridge, and….tadaa! Pickles a pregnant woman can love!
    And they go great on ice cream!
    I did this with all three of my girls. For the life of me I couldn’t ever understand why no one else didn’t love them, too.

Is this? Is she? I mean…how does this Facebook thingy work? Do I just talk to it? “And the pickles!”

See, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for everyone’s favorite border-jumper. There’s a lot of hate for them and their delicious innovation. Stay up though, Taco Bell. The haters always Facebook the loudest.