13 people who are definitely not ‘The Yellow King’

There are lot of True Detective theories out there. People breaking down the show scene-by-scene. Some think we’ve seen the Yellow King, others believe he hasn’t revealed himself. I’m here to tell you that these 13 people are definitely NOT the Yellow King.

13. This little kid…is not the Yellow King

little kid yellow king

12. The Man in the Yellow Hat…also not the Yellow King

The man in the yellow hat

11. Man dressed as a banana? NOPE.


10. Yes he scares children but no, not the Yellow King

Big Bird yellow king

9. She lives down south and she’s kinda stupid but no, not the Yellow King

Honey Boo Boo

8. Neither is pregnant Reggie Ledoux

Reggie Ledoux Yellow King

7. Vanessa Hudgens passes the smell test

Vanessa Hudgens

6. Old lady taking a selfie doesn’t strike me as a killer

lady taking a selfie

5. I can say most certainly that this lemon is not the Yellow King

lemon yellow king

4. The duck that was floating around Hong Kong? Yeah, he’s clean.

Duck Yellow King

3. Miley Cyrus? Eh, she’s questionable

Miley Cyrus Yellow King

2. The mom on How I Met Your Mother. I can kinda see it.

Yellow King How I Met Your Mother

1. Yep, nevermind. This chick’s the Yellow King.

she might be the yellow king