18 reasons why Donald Trump is the worst fan in sports


Some claim that Justine Beaver is the worst sports fan, but Amber Lee over at Bleacher Report is here to put the argument to rest: Donald Trump is the worst fan in sports.

Her 18 points on why Donald Trump is the worst fan in sports is the complete evisceration ‘the Donald’ has deserved for years. He’s insufferable, and he’s finally been put in his place. This is just an excerpt of her masterful argument against Trump, to read it in full you can click any of the links in this post or the images.

1: He wears suits to games

You know all those loathsome jags sitting courtside at NBA games in their suits? Well, Trump is one of them, except he prefers to see tennis live over basketball and pretty much any other sport.

#2: He looked up to Don King as his mentor

Shawn Lea, Wikimedia Commons

In the late ’80s Trump decided there was no better person to emulate. And he did it right down to the mark! In October 1988 Trump “teamed up” with then-heavyweight champion Tyson as a promotional “partner” for a Las Vegas bout. Which meant King got paid, Trump got paid, and Tyson got a $2 million consultant bill.

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