20 best drinking holidays ever invented

Colin Joliat


Holidays are nothing more than an excuse to drink. We all know the big ones like St. Paddy’s Day and 4th of July, but there are a plethora of less significant drinking holidays of which you might not be aware. Or at least there are thanks to Chris Hardwick and his show Midnight.

The late night TV show encouraged viewers to make up their own #AlcoHoliday last night, and over 1000 poured in over Twitter. Most of them were terrible, but 20 rose above the rest to warrant celebration.

Slosh Hashanah


Sour Mash Wednesday

Gin Dependence Day

All Schnapps Day

Assumption of Bloody Mary


Long Island Iced D-Day

Gin and Tonickah


Groundschlager Day


BAC History Month


White Russi-hashana

Rum Kippur


All Faints Day

New Beers Eve

Martin Luther King Cobra Jr Day

Frat Tuesday


Arbor Mist Day


And finally, the worst one of all. It’s no secret I hate the term “Sunday Funday.” I almost wish Jesus didn’t come back to save you, Double Dan.

Easter Sunday Fun Day