20 best world cup nicknames; long live The Street Dogs!


World Cup nicknames aren’t all as lame as The Yanks or The Blues. Some have awesome national team nicknames like The Copper Bullets and the Nature Boyz. Check out these 20 best world cup nicknames. Granted they’re not all playing this year, but someday they’ll live up to the hype of their moniker.
Asian Football Confederation

Australia – Soccerooos

It’s safe to say this name was picked by an eight year old.

Thailand – War Elephants

Did you see how much damage Tony Jaa did when his elephants were stolen? This is serious stuff.

Jordan – The Brave Gentlemen

The classiest players on the pitch. Guess this means they can’t dive.

Maldives – Red Snappers

No one but Wikipedia calls them Red Snappers, but it’s a damn good cocktail.

Philippines – The Street Dogs

It’s safe to assume the name is based on the company with whom Oliver ran.


Confederation of African Football

Cameroon – The Indomitable Lions

They included “Indomitable” to ensure they weren’t lumped in with the very domitable Detroit Lions

Ivory Coast – The Elephants

Bet they feel pretty stupid just being regular elephants, don’t they?

Nigeria – The Super Eagles

Latest workouts show they have the strength of ten normal eagles.

Seychelles – The Pirates

Seychelles is basically the real life Tortuga. “Suck it, Pittsburgh.” – Jack Sparrow, Cpn.

South Africa – Boys Boys

Who let a frustrated mother give this team a nickname?

Zambia – The Copper Bullets

Forget potentially dangerous animals. Zambia went straight for the full metal jacket.

Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football

Bahamas – Rake & Scrape Boys

Named after a type of music in which the main instrument is a saw? Seems legit.

British Virgin Islands – Nature Boyz

Fun fact: Ric Flair is the mayor of 48% of the Virgin Islands.

Grenada – Spice Boyz

David Beckham isn’t the only one who’s a big fan of Victoria and her irrelevant gang of pop starlets.

Jamaica – Reggae Boyz

It turns out assuming all Jamaicans listen to reggae isn’t that unreasonable after all.

Saint Kitts and Nevis – Sugar Boys

Easily the most flamboyant team on the pith at any given time.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – Vincy Heat

When Harlem Heat had a falling out, they headed south and took up football.

Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol

Columbia – The Coffee Growers


Union européenne de football association

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Dragons

We can only hope that Daenerys let’s them out of the basement for World Cup 2018.

Greece – The Pirate Ship

I support any nickname intended to mock Portugal, which this does.

San Marino – The Most Serene

Consider this the picture of a fat guy at the end of a gallery of hot chicks.

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