20 celebrity owned spirits from absinthe to vodka



Celebrity endorsements are nothing new, but in the past few years the stars have actually been putting skin in the spirits game. Here are 20 spirits that some of your favorite celebrities either invest in or own. Some of them, like Willie Nelson’s, make perfect sense, while Kenny Chesney will leave you scratching your head.

1. Justin Timberlake – Sauza 901 Tequila

SpiritedGifts: Original 901 bottle

This was the inspiration to put together a list of celeb involvement in spirits. JT and Jim Beam team up for this rebranding of the N*Syncer’s 901 Silver tequila. The premium tequila will fall under the Sauza brand. I’m assuming they’ll keep the unofficial tagline, “901 is where the evening ends and the night begins.”

2. Diddy – Cîroc Vodak and DeLeón Tequila


If there’s one thing Poppa Diddy Pop loves more than himself, it’s diacritical marks. He added to his accented spirits portfolio by forming a partnership with Diageo to buy DeLeón tequila. The super premium brand ranges from $100 to $300 per bottle, so get pumped to see it on club bottle lists for $1,000+.

3. Joe Montana – Aviation Gin


The Comeback Kid is a co-owner of House Spirits Distillery, which produces one of my favorite new school gins, Aviation American Gin. You don’t hear much from Joe Cool about it, but the batch distilled spirit from Portland, OR does just fine without him, much like the 49ers.

4. Bill Murray – Slovenia Vodka


Bill Murray is an investor in Slovenia Vodka alongside professional prancer Mikhail Baryshnikov. He once claimed his favorite way to drink it was via an ice luge, and that’s reason enough for me to buy a couple cases. For relaxing time, make it Slovenia time.

5. Kenny Chesney – Blue Chair Bay Premium Rum


Don’t ask me how a country singer ends up with a Caribbean rum instead of a well whiskey, but it happened. Chesney has White, Coconut, and Coconut Spiced iterations of his brand, the last of which is quite unique.

6. George Clooney – Casamigos Tequila


Clooney is the classiest man on the planet and needed a tequila to match. Enter Casamigos, which is best known for being causing Cindy Crawford to sleep with Stacy Keibler.

7. NeYo – Malibu Red Rum


It’s not often you see a celeb get in on a well established brand, but NeYo teamed up with Malibu to create his own signature Malibu Red. It’s a tequila and rum infusion, and is much better than it sounds.

8. Sammy Hagar – Cabo Wabo Tequila


Cabo Wabo is likely the most famous and successful celebrity brand. At this point the tequila is far more popular than the former Van Halen frontman, which seems fitting since he recently sold his last remaining stake in the brand.

9. Dan Aykroyd – Crystal Head Vodka


The Ghostbuster is notoriously obsessed with the spirit world and became infatuated Indiana Jones 4. The result was his own vodka brand filtered through diamonds and housed in a bottle shaped like a skull.

10. Marilyn Manson – Mansinthe Absinthe


If anyone was going to take the sketchy route, it was Marilyn Manson. The absinthe contains wormwood, the bottle dons a painting done by Marilyn, and the spirit is surprisingly well respected.

11. Ludacris – Conjure Cognac


Hoes in different area codes sip fast and furiously on Conjure Cognac. It will be the drink of choice if his next album, Ludaversal, ever gets released.

12. Billy Gibbons Sully Erna – Pura Vida Tequila

Tequila Source

I don’t know what spirit I expected members ZZ Top and Godsmack to create, but it wasn’t tequila. They seem more like Fernet or Malort types. In any case, Pura Vida commands major respect in the industry, much like Billy Gibbons himself.

13. Danny DeVito – Limoncello


There’s nothing more appropriate than a partnership born out of a drunken display of affection. The near-midget admitted to being drunk of Limoncello on TV, and the next thing you know he has his own brand.

14. Vince Neil- Tres Rios Silver Tequila


Nothing makes a crew motley like a night filled with tequila. Vince Neil launched his brand in 2009, and it’s made people feel good ever since.

15. Willie Nelson – Old Whiskey River Bourbon


Willie Nelson was as much a bourbon lover as he was a botanist. To profit from his passion he partnered with Heaven Hill to create Shotgun Willie Whiskey River Bourbon. As a bonus, every bottle comes with a guitar pick.

16. Ron Jeremy – Ron de Jeremy Rum


Nothing says porn star like a nice creamy rum. The bottle has innuendo and double entendres in ever place you can stick them, and the spirit is surprisingly easy to take down.

17. Roberto Cavalli – Roberto Cavalli Vodka


“Fashion on the rocks,” as it’s known, is said to be inspired by fashion and sexy women, and nothing says sexy like filtering vodka through Italian Carrara marble. Word on the street is you get decapitated if you order it while wearing a sweatshirt.

18. Flava Flav – Le Flav Vodka


No one knew how to capitalize on temporary stardom like Flava Flav. Le Flav spirits isn’t widely known or comsumed, but it exists and that’s something.

19. Dr. Dre – Aftermath Cognac


Much like his new album, Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Cognac has been on its way for years. No one knows if the spirit is even still happening or if Eminem drank it all back in his dark days.

20. Donald Trump – Donald Trump Vodka


Trump Vodka was the ultimate failure. The blowheart claimed it would be the most requested vodka in the world only to quickly go out of business for not filling enough orders. Like I always say, never trust a main whose hair blows in the wind.