30 Gina Carano GIFs – The Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology

Man of Steel‘s Superman Henry Cavill dumped Gina Carano in favor of Kaley Cuoco. We love Kaley here but feel this is a poor tradeoff. Take a look at these Gina Carano GIFs and tell us if you agree.

30 Gina Carano undressing GIF

29 Nobody has ever bit their lip better

28 Gina Carano sticking out her boobs

27 Sex

26 She’s talking about sex

25 Gina Carano, card trickster


23 There was no doubt in her mind who won

22 Gina Carano hat GIF

21 Gina Carano = thick

20 Gina Carano photoshoot

19 Creepy Gina Carano

18 /and dead

17 Gina Carano, reverse pantless GIF

16 Perfectly looped half-naked GIF

15 She looks so happy

14 The only Gina Carano bikini GIF on the internet

13 That Ariel Helwani is a lucky guy

12 Excellent camera work

11 You weigh one….sexy bitch

10 Moves like Jagger

9 The Carano blow job

8 Can’t believe you dumped her

7 That looks like it hurts

6 Best wardrobe malfunction ever

5 Um, that’s brutal

4 Gina Carano, movie badass

3 Gina Carano, American Gladiator

2 Gina Carano > Michelle Rodriguez

1 You wag that head girl