9mm Vodka comes in gun-shaped glass bottle


A new IndieGoGo campaign seeks to put a gun-shaped vodka bottle in every home in America. Take that, Obama!

Barack isn’t actually trying to take your guns, but just in case, you might want to load up with a vodka bottle that looks like a micro-Uzi. Sure, it would make me more likely to rob your house because it looks awesome, but so what? You’ll be drunk in style thanks to four shot glasses that look like ammo clips.

Unfortunately the downside of crowdfunding is that you can’t actually get alcohol as a reward. No matter how much you pledge, you’ll never get a drop of vodka. For $50 you can get the glass gun though, and then you’re free to fill it with whatever you want. Hell, bars have been doing that with premium bottles of vodka for years.

Get a full magazine of more details on the IndieGoGo page, including how his girlfriend is going to shoot vodka bottles with a chain gun while wearing a camouflage bikini.