A legal victory for ‘power hour’ lovers everywhere!

Did you know that the term “power hour” was trademarked? While you were sitting in the frat house yelling “drink” every sixty seconds, Ali Spagnola was busy fighting the good fight in court on your liver’s behalf. I’ll let Ali explain for you just how ridiculous it all is:

Can you believe that shit? I’m sitting over here watching a Disney power hour that I screen captured from the artist formerly known as Google video while Spags is out there waging a legal battle for your right to party. Well, Ali, I tip my drinking hat to you.

We first mentioned this Power Hour album last year. I pointed out then that, “Ali actually wrote 60 songs about drinking and sings them herself on the album. That’s much more impressive than listening to the same 60 songs you’ve already heard far too many times. She even claims some of them involve mini-games, and who doesn’t like a mini-game? Now you can get drunk while you get drunk!” That logic still holds true today, only there’s much more. Now you have a chance to not only hear the songs and play the game, but to do so at a live event.

Ali has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to promote this great victory for America and to launch her new party tour. Your donations, depending on the level, get you a vote for future cities, a copy of the album, her other albums, Skype shot-offs, paintings, custom songs about your pet dog, or even Ali performing live in your living room. Check it out and back the project. If there is anyone who has earned our money, it’s her. Go now, pick your level, and donate. Don’t even bother reading the rest of this. POWER HOUR FREEDOM FESTIVAL!

For the full story of how the legal battle began and dragged out, I highly recommend reading this. If nothing else it will make you hate Steve “I Think I Can Trademark Fun” Roose with every fiber of your being. I think we can all agree the world needs a little more hate.

Just so you don’t think I’m all hype and no follow through, here’s my donation.