A-Trak ‘Tuna Melt’ music video features absurd domino setup

People who complain about a lack of music videos on TV need to spend more time on YouTube. Everyone has them, including Canadian DJ, A-Trak. His video for “Tuna Melt” takes the domino video to new extremes. It’s part Rube Goldberg machine, part popsicle stick arts & crafts, and all awesome. It’s easily the best use of dominoes since the Fiery Hawaiian Pizza. I’d hate to be the one who has to clean up after this though. I’m sure they just threw on the Tuna Melt Remixes and jammed while they picked up the pieces.

This probably wasn’t exactly what Garrett Brown had in mind when he invented the steadicam, but it’s a great use of the technology. The cameraman loses track of things a couple times, but I’d say he can be forgiven after running all over the house and even taking a bath. If you want a moderately better look at how things were set up, you can check out the behind the scenes video as well.