Absolut’s ‘Speakeasy Ginger62’ has me pining for olden days

The speakeasy is making a comeback, but Absolut kicked it up a notch for their new Elyx. I’ve yet try the spirit, but the gypsy jazz music in their promo has me yearning for the olden days.

This video is actually first I’ve heard of Elyx, but I took the liberty of doing a little investigating for you. It’s a super-premium vodka from Absolut that’s distilled with old-timey methods. It appears to have been released a couple years ago but never in the States. They just re-launched the brand so hopefully it makes it’s way to us! It’s created through batch distillation in a copper rectification still, which is significantly less efficient than all the newfangled technologies. The alleged benefit is that copper does a better job of purifying during distillation. I have no reason to believe that isn’t true, but don’t go running home to pour your Popov over pennies to make it taste better.

I’ll follow up if it looks like we can get our hands on the Elyx in America, but for now just enjoy some spinning bowls on sticks and the awesome song, “Caravan Palace,” by Clash.

via @AbsolutCanada