Actual Advice Mallard: New Meme You Should Know

Few things on the Internet grab attention as quickly as a quality set of ‘life hacks.’ As we’ve covered here on Guyism before, they’re simple ways to alleviate the daily pressures of life. One might call it cheating the system but in fact it’s just playing the game correctly. Thus, in today’s New Meme You Should Know we take a look at an Advice Animal currently taking the web by storm: Actual Advice Mallard. At its core, this meme is developing as a way for men to share advice with other man that may seem taboo in everyday conversation. As you’ll see, the Actual Advice Mallard while being a hilarious meme is quite possibly the most useful thing to hit the Internet in a long time.

Though this meme may not be fresh out of the gates, it first appeared in 2011 via Redditor “Releasethedreadknot,” it is currently seeing a massive resurgence that essentially qualifies as its coming out party, because it never saw much success early on. For sake of brevity I’ll only be presenting the top instances of the meme here via, but be sure to head on over there if you’d like to see more. So, without further ado I present to you Actual Advice Mallard: today’s New Meme You Should Know.