Alex McKinnon — rugby star paralyzed during game –gets inspirational phone call from The Rock

If you’re unfamiliar with the story of Australian rugby player Alex McKinnon, it’s incredibly sad.

A star for the Newcastle Knights of the National Rugby League, Alex McKinnon was injured earlier this year during a game. The horrific injury severed Alex McKinnon’s spine and left him a quadriplegic. The fan favorite’s road to recovery will be a long one.

In a remarkably touching gesture, the Newcastle Knights has extended Alex McKinnon’s contract (even though he’ll never play again) and the National Rugby League offered the paralyzed star a job with the league for life.

I’ll be honest, I knew nothing of the story of Alex McKinnon until researching it online. It’s a scary thing to think about these athletes who put their bodies on the line and the type of things that could happen out on the field.

A man who’s no stranger to the dangers of athletics is The Rock. His new job, acting, is a little bit safer but after his time playing college football and his long career as a WWE Superstar, The Rock understands the constant danger of performing at the top levels of any sport. While in Australia promoting his new movie Hercules, The Rock made a phone call to Alex McKinnon during an on-camera interview for Australian TV.

Alex McKinnon talks to The Rock

Say what you want about The Rock as a wrestler or actor but there is no denying he’s a stand-up guy and would have made that phone call even if the cameras weren’t rolling. The emotions of the moment and what the phone call meant to The Rock and Alex McKinnon are written all over the face of the superstar wrestler.

This story, along with this video, will provide further evidence The Rock is a genuinely good dude. He truly earned the title of “people’s champ.”

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