Amazing ‘Dr. Who’ sonic screwdriver universal remote

Dr. Who fans rejoice! You can control the TV with your very own sonic screwdriver universal remote. This might be the most useful collectible replica ever made.

But it’s not just a spectacularly detailed collectable replica, oh no; the Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver is also a fully programmable, gesture based Universal Remote Control! Utilising infrared technology to control everything from TV’s and DVD players to stereos and iPod docks, you’ll be able to make changes with just a flick of the wrist.

Unlike a light saber that you just swing around like an idiot, you can actually put the sonic screwdriver to good use. Just be careful when you bring a lady home. You might want to find out if she’s into the show before you put your nerdgasm on display.

Colin Joliat

Remote from Firebox via Laughing Squid