Amy Schumer explains how Jerry Lewis is still an enormous asshole

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Amy Schumer is on fire.

She’d probably make a joke about how she’s always been on fire, especially in the crotch and something about a sexual disease, but I’m talking about her career. Her career is on fire. Her vag is her own business.

Schumer was named one of the funniest people alive in this month’s GQ magazine. Schumer talks about her family issues, the fact it’s actually pretty hard to fuck her even though she jokes that it’s easy, and explains how Jerry Lewis is just as big of a dickbag to funny females as he’s always been.

On Jerry Lewis at a Friars Club roast: “He came up, and we hugged each other, and then he started pushing me back, trying to lay me down on the stage. So I buckled down and used my knees to stay in place, and he was in my ear saying, ‘Lay down.’ I whispered ‘No’ in his ear. Even after I said no, he was still trying. I had to use my core to stay up—he’s a strong motherfucker. I’m not going to be the girl who gets fucked after her set. Sorry, Jerry Lewis.”

Female comics are good enough to be the props in his hundred year old gags but don’t deserve the respect of a man who once made a movie about a clown in a concentration camp.

Only the good die young. Old assholes live forever.

[via GQ]

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