An emergency condom delivery app exists and it’s not in the US?

We have all been there when it comes to condoms. Either you’re at your place and you’re out, likely thanks to your sponging roommate, or you’re at her place and she doesn’t have any. And on a side note, it’s just etiquette if you think you’re taking somebody back to your place to have a three-pack in the nightstand, ladies. We can’t keep them in our wallets: They break.

Anyway, Durex has a solution they’re currently testing in Dubai, of all places: A custom condom delivery app.

This goofy video explains the concept pretty well:

While it’s unlikely people get dressed up in elaborate costumes just to get you a rubber, the basic concept is pretty clearly explained: Locate yourself with a GPS, select the condoms you want, and you get them as quickly as possible.

First of all, it’s baffling nobody has thought of this before, and that it took to the people who paid for this ad:

To come up with it. But hey, if it supports sexual health and gets people laid, then we’re all for it.

SOS Condoms [iTunes]