And the faux ‘hustle of the year’ award goes to…

There’s hustle and there’s flat out stupidity. There’s trying to make a play and there’s trying to get someone killed. Yesterday, Indiana’s Will Sheehey did something unbelievably moronic, a play that almost resulted in a serious injury.


With a little over 14 minutes left in the 2nd half against MSU, Will Sheehey dove for a ball that was clearly out of bounds. He had NO chance of saving it. Like, zero. But Sheehey wanted to be a hero that day, wanted to prove to the world that “faux hustle” exists. He took out referee John Higgins in the process.

Sure, it’s amusing. Haha, look at that referee fall you guys. But seriously, Sheehey basically Ndamukong Suh’d John Higgins. He came inches away from snapping that dude’s leg in half. And for what? For Tom Crean to praise him in film review? For the Hoosier fans to clap and say, “look how hard he tries, look how much Shehey wants to win.” Nah man, that’s stupid. That’s ignorant. That’s a dumb play.