Appalling video of former NBA player Erick Barkley attacking another dad at 9-year-old son’s basketball game

Former Portland Trail Blazer and San Antonio Spurs player Erick Barkley takes coaching his 9-year-old son’s AAU basketball team very, very seriously. Just ask this parent who got his face punched in after questioning Barkley during a close playoff game. Apparently tensions between the two fathers began even before the game even started when a father of a child on the other team wanted his kid to play, but Barkley said he was ineligible. After about a half-hour of arguing the child was allowed to play in the game between Barkley’s team from the Basketball Stars of New York and House of Sports in Ardsley. However things erupted after Barkley’s team lost by one point and the former St. John’s player marched over to the father and smashed him with several punches. Police arrived to arrest Barkley, but the victim did not press charges. One parent had this to say about Barkley:

“He’s not a bad guy. He just likes to beat people up.”

No I’m pretty sure that attacking people over a third-grade basketball game makes you a bad guy.


Via BobsBlitz