Arizona Diamondbacks create the ultimate inferiority complex corn dog



If you thought footlong hot dogs were overkill, wait until you see what the Arizona Diamondbacks are peddling for $25. Mike Golic described it as, in a word, “awesome.” And yes, it absolutely involves bacon.

The D-bat Dog, an 18″ corn dog stuffed with cheese, jalapeno and bacon, will be available at Big Dawgs at Chase Field this season for $25. – @ArizonaDacks

While that isn’t quite as ridiculous as Guyism’s Bacon Wrapped Bacon Stuffed Sausage, it’s still pretty incredible. Whoever decided to pack a corn dog with cheese and bacon deserves a Congressional Medal of Honor, and the man responsible for making it 18″ should be given some sort of self-help book.

The Diamondbacks say that the D-Bag Bat Dog is meant for sharing, but much like bananas, you don’t share hot dogs on a stick. It’s not a plate of spaghetti and you’re not lady or the tramp. You buy 18 inches. You eat 18 inches. I suppose you can share the fries that come with it, but all bragging rights are revoked

While $25 is a stupid price for a food item at a baseball game, Chase Field makes up for it by having the cheapest beer in the biz at only $4. That should make it easy to get drunk enough to think eating a D-Bat Dog is a good idea.