Army man bottle opener is killer

If you miss the good old days when little green army men could entertain you for hours, it’s time to bring that joy back. Vat19 created an army man bottle opener because we all know that getting drunk stirs the imagination.

This doesn’t make top spot in my list of favorite new bottle openers, which currently belong to the BROpener, but it’s certainly on there somewhere. People always want to reminisce about things from our childhood, but this takes it a step further. Now I have an excuse to play with toys every night while I drink alone in my mom’s basement. At $13.50 a piece, I’m probably not going to fill an entire regiment, but I think one soldier should get the job done.

The commercial before the video when I watched it was actually an ad for Vat19. I know it’s happenstance, but it seems like a brilliant maneuver. Double your pleasure; double your fun. And nice work by Vat19 to drink Schlafly Pale Ale, it’s some of St. Louis’ finest.