Arnold Palmer plants a wet one on Kate Upton

We knew Kate Upton loved older men but this? This seems a bit drastic. After having dinner with Kate Upton, Arnold Palmer planted a wet one on her.

Jealous Justin Verlander?


(via Cori Britt)

The two hooked up through Upton’s manager, Lisa Benson, whose father used to play golf with Arnie.

Upton grew up in Melbourne, Fla., not far from Orlando, and her parents were huge Arnie fans. Upton thought it would be a great idea to come to Bay Hill, meet Palmer and see the work he’s doing with the two children’s hospitals that bear his name.

She also plans to take part in a social media campaign involving Palmer’s iced tea-lemonade drink.

Yes, at 83, Arnie’s still got it with the ladies. The man’s an American hero.