Artist builds a TV out of remote controls because why not?

We don’t often cover art stunts made with gadgets around here because most of them are pretty much the intellectual equivalent of whacking it to nudes in a book you found in a library and telling your friends you only checked it out to study the female form.

Chris Shen, on the other hand, has done something pretty neat: built a TV out of remote controls.

Granted, it is a profoundly crappy TV, as you can see in the video he posted, but what do you expect from a TV with only 625 pixels?

Shen collected remote controls that were thrown out and arranged them into a grid. Hook that up to an antenna, and you have… well, actually, nothing, to the naked eye. Remote controls use infrared light. In order to see the TV signal, which is largely murky, you have to pop on a pair of infrared goggles.

OK, so you won’t be catching any sitcoms on this thing in the near future, but if nothing else, it’s a pretty neat use of stuff we normally chuck in the garbage.