Austin Beerworks introduces 99-pack of beer. Yes, 99 beers!


Austin Beerworks just invented the first ever 99-pack of beer. This might be the greatest day in the history of drinking! And lest you think this is just a commercial, here’s what the brewery had to say.

LET’S BE CLEAR: IT’S REAL. Like, really real. Right now, as you read this, ice-cold 99-packs are waiting for you in select stores across Austin. To score one of these rare boxes of beauty, follow Austin Beerworks on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for details.


If I didn’t have to continue typing these words, I’d be on my way to the airport right now. Sure I’d need to find some friends to help me carry the thing, but it seems like making friends is easy when you have a 99-pack of beer. Who wouldn’t like me?

It’s safe to say this is just promotional and that the 99-pack of beer isn’t here to stay. Beer stores just aren’t built for limbo beer cases. That’s poor planning on the store’s part, and we’re all forced to suffer due to their failure.


Here’s a short list of things you could do with a 99-pack of beer:

  • Play 16.5 games of Beer Pong
  • Do Power Hour 13.2 times
  • Do Century Club 7.92 times
  • Play 1 game of 99-person full-cup flip cup
  • Act out the song 99 Bottles Cans of Beer on the Wall
  • Create world peace

Peacemaker is the perfect choice for a 99-pack of beer because I’m pretty sure the violence in America would stop if corner had an elongated cooler holding a a 99-pack of beer.