Sports gifs, memes and screencaps

It’s the French Open so this GIF of Bar Refaeli playing tennis seems appropriate. She leads this week’s incredible roundup of GIFs and memes.

25 This is the GIF of the year

( deserves all the credit in the world for this. Fantastic work.)

24 Zoltan with a side of umpire nut scratching

23 Remember when Paul George ruined Birdman’s life?

22 Such a happy couple

happy couple


21 Kid hilariously reacts to foul ball

20 Does Lionel Hollins need to smack a bitch?

19 Miguel acknowledges your strikeout with a nod

18 Joe “All Eyez on Me” Crawford doing his thing

17 This is a shot to the taint

16 Pavel Datsyuk is the HULK

15 George Clooney cheated on this?

14 You’re not very good at your job

13 Carl Crawford with the web gem

12 Car eats man

11 Ridiculously photogenic Spartan Race woman



10 Udonis Haslem is a zombie

Udonis Haslem zombie


9 Serena teaching white people how to dance

8 NBA hypocrisy at its finest

7 Frank Vogel calls Heat out for flopping, needs a neck brace

6 That awkward moment when nobody’s watching your match



(via @bubbaprog)

5 Impeccable aim

4 So this is an incredible save

3 Today show Tough Mudder FAIL

2 People from Japan are Japanese

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