Here’s a good reason to never, ever toss a guy a beer

If ever asked to “toss a beer” to another guy, think twice, or this might happen.

The Brad Pitt and Matthew McConaughey made long distance beer tossing all the rage. Their beer pass from one New Orleans balcony to the other made it seem like throwing a dude a beer was as easy as handing it to him while bent over the cooler.

Beer tossing is serious business. It involves a decent arm and the athletic ability to catch the can without busting a hand or worse.

These guys jack up the degree of difficulty by tossing beers from one boat being tugged by the other.

According to the YouTube description, the guy taking the can to the mush was alright and pulled out of the water moments later. Hopefully he put something cold on the bruise. Maybe a beer? JUST hand it to him.

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