Behold, the dumbest 30 seconds in ‘Wheel of Fortune’ history

You can actually feel yourself getting dumber during this 30-second clip from last night’s Wheel of Fortune. All three contestants failed, all three contestants set mankind back decades.

Contestant #1: “Girl Scout Girls”

Let’s talk about this for a second.

1) Why are you ringing in if you don’t know the answer? The whole premise of the buzzer is “I have the answer, I’m going to ring in now.”
2) What is a “Girl Scout Girl?” Is that some kind of trendy lingo I’m not aware of. Like “soccer mom” or something?
3) Pat Sajak probably watches porn—lots of it

Contestant #2: “Girl Scout Moms”

1) That sounds like an awesome MILF porn. One you’d find in the back room of one of those old video stores. I’d maybe rent that.
2) I tried to register this morning—it was already taken. Screw you asshole entrepreneur.

Contestant #3: “Girl Scout Group”

1) This is actually a solid response. Wrong, but solid nonetheless.
2) You had ONE JOB!
2) All you had to do was wait until all the letters appeared.

We’ve seen individual fails on Wheel of Fortune before, but this one? This one was a collective effort. Good job team!