12 of the best regional sandwiches in the U.S.

jeffreyw, Flickr

We all know that our country is great for plenty of reasons – and if you feel a tear forming in your eye as your salute our national foods, then you’re an especially proud American. Let’s talk about our love for the almighty American sandwich and some of its best regional iterations all around the U.S.A.

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12 Hot Browns

Gavin St. Ours, Flickr

What is it? – An open-faced turkey and bacon sandwich covered in a Mornay sauce (made with flour, butter, milk and cheese), topped with tomatoes and/or mushrooms, and baked until it’s hot and brown(ed).

Where does it hail from? – Kentucky

11 Muffaletta

Krista, Flickr

What is it? – A cold, circular sandwich of marinated olive salad (celery, cauliflower, carrot, oregano, garlic and olive oil), mortadella, salami, mozzarella, ham and provolone on an Italian bread loaf.

Where does it hail from? – New Orleans, Louisiana

10 Italian Beef Sandwich

jeffreyw, Flickr

What is it? – Sub-style sandwich made with thin slices of overly juicy roast beef on an Italian roll, often topped with hot and sweet peppers.

Where does it hail from? – Chicago, Illinois

9 Pastrami and Corned Beef

jeffreyw, Flickr

What is it? – Pastrami and corned beef piled high, usually served on rye with cole slaw, and/or Russian dressing and/or mustard.

Where does it hail from? – New York City, New York

8 Pork Tenderloin Sandwich

Jerry Huddleston, Flickr

What is it? – Wiener Schnitzel-style breaded and deep-fried pork cutlet served on a hamburger bun with mustard, lettuce, onions, pickles and mayo.

Where does it hail from? – Indiana

7 Cuban

Beth Coll Anderson, Flickr

What is it? – Ham, roasted pork, Swiss, pickles and mustard on Cuban bread, pressed like a Panini.

Where does it hail from? – Miami, Florida

6 French Dip

rick, Flickr

What is it? – Thin-sliced roast beef on a baguette served with au jus for delicious dippage.

Where does it hail from? – Los Angeles, California

5 Horseshoe

What is it? – An open-faced sandwich with toasted bread, meat (either hamburger patties, ham, deep fried pork, chicken breast or fried fish fillets), topped with French fries and covered in a cheese sauce (which is designed after the English favorite, “Welsh rarebit,” containing eggs, beer, butter, cheese, mustard, etc.).

Where does it hail from? – The greater Springfield area, Illinois

4 Po’boy

po boy

Cindy, Flickr

What is it? – A hot sub sandwich with fried shrimp, fried oysters, fried chicken, soft shell crab, crawfish, sausage or roast beef, dressed with lettuce, tomato, pickles and mayo – and sometimes even with French fries, gravy or mustard.

Where does it hail from? – New Orleans, Louisiana

3 Pit Beef

Angie Garrett, Flickr

What is it? – Grilled top-round beef, flavor-crusted on the outside and rare on the inside, shaved paper thin and piled high on a roll with horseradish sauce and white onion.

Where does it hail from? – Baltimore, Maryland

2 Spiedie

James Whatley, Flickr

What is it? – Cubes of meat (can be chicken, veal, venison, lamb, pork, beef) marinated, grilled on spits and served on soft Italian bread with more marinade (which usually contains oil, vinegar, Italian spices and fresh mint).

Where does it hail from? – The greater Binghamton, New York area

1 Philly Cheesesteak

Calgary Reviews, Flickr

What is it? – Was there every any doubt that this American-as-apple-pie sandwich wouldn’t get a mention? The Philly Cheesesteak is chopped or thinly-sliced rib-eye or top round steak, frizzled onions and melted (Provolone, Cheez Whiz or American) cheese on a roll. It’s often topped with bell peppers or mushrooms, as well.

Where does it hail from? – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania