12 of the best TV bromances of all-time

While it may be a bit awkward to discuss among real friends, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that special bond most of us share between our best friends. Turn on the TV these days, and you’ll see plenty of guy love out there. Keep reading to review a few of our favorite bromances in TV history.

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12 Lenny and Carl – ‘The Simpsons’

Lenny and Carl are so similar, Homer has been known to give himself crib notes by writing “Lenny = White, Carl = Black” on his hand. While there is the occasional hint that the two are actually romantically involved, it’s probably fair to say that the two are just really, really good friends. I mean, they did double-date each other’s sisters, after all.

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11 Kirk and Spock – ‘Star Trek’

If you’re heading on a journey to “boldly go where no man has gone before,” well then you better bring a few bros who have got your back. Though Captain Kirk and Spock couldn’t have been more different (one highly logical, the other incredibly impulsive), the two shared a common respect that budded into an extremely deep friendship.

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10 Jamie and Adam – ‘Mythbusters’

Are these two quirky dudes actually friends in real life? Myth confirmed! These two special effects wizards have been pallin’ around on the Discovery Channel for over a decade. There friendship has endured dozens of explosions, more than a few heated arguments, and even the occasional loss of their other best friend – Buster.

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9 Gus and Shawn – ‘Psych’

Here’s another odd couple that proves opposites often attract. Best friends since childhood, Shawn is the risk-taking type, while Gus prefers to play things a little more reserved. Despite this personality difference, you couldn’t tear these two apart if your life depended on it.

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8 Fry and Bender – ‘Futurama’

The long-held belief that robots can’t experience love is proven wrong with the relationship between Bender and Fry. Though Bender is a foul-mouthed, drunken party-bot, it’s clear he has a soft spot for Fry. And as for Fry, well, he’d be happy to share his Bachelor Chow with his old buddy if ever it was necessary.

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7 Tim and Eric – ‘Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!’

It’s a good thing Tim Hiedecker and Eric Wareheim met in college – because these two weirdos are clearly soul mates. There demented hilarity has resulted in a number of comedic gems over the years, and despite the long hours of work they seem poised to continue their friendship long into the future.

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6 Joey and Chandler – ‘Friends’

These two “Friends” were a match made in heaven. Seriously, you’ve got to really love your friend to put up with him attempting to eat everything in fridge. Or, putting on every article of clothing you own because it’s the exact opposite of hiding a pair of his underwear. Even when Chandler got married and moved in with Monica, these two bros remained close as hell.

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5 Jerry and George – ‘Seinfeld’

Remember when George ended up dating a girl that looked and acted a heck of a lot like Jerry? Yeah, well that pretty much sums up the fact that these two guys are perfect for each other. While both are fairly callous to the outside world, there’s something about discussing the minutae of daily life that made them completely fall in guy love with each other.

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4 Brian and Stewie – ‘Family Guy’

The two littlest members of the Griffin family couldn’t be more different, but that doesn’t stop them from getting along. While they’ve had their fair share of arguments (“Where’s my money, man?!”), the two have also gone on epic adventures to the North Pole and WWII Germany. And while there’s always plenty of insults coming from both sides of the table, what man friendship would be complete without a little razzing?

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3 Bret and Jemaine – ‘Flight of the Conchords’

Band manager Murray once made a friend chart to show Bret and Jemaine where they stood as friends. While the duo may have just been “work mates” with Murray, the friendship between Bret and Jemaine would have been off the charts. They live together, work together and sometimes even date the same woman… it doesn’t get more bro-tastic than that.

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2 J.D. and Turk – ‘Scrubs’

With affectionate pet names like “brown bear” and “vanilla bear,” J.D. and Turk teeter awfully close to the edge of a full-fledged romantic relationship without actually straying from the straight and narrow path. And no matter how silly one of the guy’s ideas is (“I’m the tallest doctor in the world!”), the other one is there to go along with it no matter what.

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1 Troy and Abed – ‘Community’

At the moment, Troy and Abed are the bromance kings of current television. The two may be a part of a larger study group, but it’s clear that these two will be hanging out long after college. The closing bromance segments of each episode that feature the two have become one of the funniest parts of an exceptionally funny sitcom. Whatever comes their way, one thing is clear: these two will protect their friendship at all costs.

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(Previously published on April 11, 2011.)