Billie Jean on beer bottles is ‘Michael Jackson meets jazz flute’

by 5 years ago

'Billie Jean' on beer bottles

Billie Jean on beer bottles will be the hot tune of Summer 2014.

The Bottle Boys are back with a cover that really doesn’t blow. The Bottle Boys are five bottle blowers from Denmark who’ve covered more than a few pop classics. The Bottle Boys reworked a slew of classic hits from Disney’s Under The Sea, to Christmas carols and techno beats.

This time around, the boys blow the Michael Jackson classic Billie Jean out of the water. It would be incredibly ironic if Billie Jean on beer bottles was instead played on soda bottles. Jackson was the “King of Pop” after all. HUDDLAHUDDLA.

Billie Jean on beer bottles will crawl into your ear and get stuck for hours. Just like the words of your mother, who also blows, but in a much different way.

[via Bustle]

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