Blame Jason Garrett, not Tony Romo for Cowboys loss

Tony Romo’s the easy target, he’s the one everyone wants to blame for the Cowboys latest debacle. His two interceptions were costly, no doubt. But the play calling that led to them? Truly despicable. That falls on the coaching staff, that falls on Jason Garrett.



The Packers defense couldn’t stop DeMarco Murray. He was constantly finding holes in a porous front seven. This is what his 18 carries for 134 yards looked like.

11, 4, 4, -3, 41, 4, 16, 6, 3, 6, 1, 4, 2, 5, 6, 5, 15, 4

Straight-up gashing.

And yet, when the time called for a run, when the time called for Murray to blast through the Packers front, the Cowboys called for a pass over the middle.



Are you serious? 2:58 remaining, one timeout and you pull that nonsense? I don’t care that the Pack loaded the box. I don’t care because they’re a poor tackling team. Murray’s yards were coming after contact.

In all Murray had 7 RUSHING ATTEMPTS in the second half. 7! With a 23-point lead, they went away from their best offensive player.

Shameful stuff Jason Garrett. You’re to blame for that nonsense.

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