Blazed Movie Review: ‘Pacific Rim’

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Holy crap this movie is awesome. Quit your job and go see it. Man, I didn’t need to be stoned to see this movie. It’s awesome without any help. Okay, let’s go. Pacific Rim is the movie by Guillermo del Toro that he dropped out of The Hobbit to make and that’s good because The Hobbit ended up sucking ass. This movie is a total throwback to the golden era of Godzilla movies where the poor dumb Japanese government does everything they can to battle back the big lizards and other crap and just get their asses kicked.

So: huge monsters come out of a portal at the bottom of the ocean. Why? WHO CARES! Humanity’s been battling them for years with giant robots called Jaegers, but now there’s only a few of them left and we can’t build more. Why? WHO CARES! Dig this: their base? It’s called SHATTERDOME. SHATTER-F’ING-DOME. And it owns. It’s one last chance for our species to push back against the invaders before the end. And that’s the whole thing. There’s no dumbass plot twists or anything. And it works perfectly.

Can we talk about Idris Elba for a second? The movie has a pretty good cast but this guy just slaughters it. He takes all of the idiotic dialogue and sells the hell out of it, delivering lines like they owe him money. It’s a really good thing that del Toro got him on board for this. Everybody else does fine. Charlie Hunnam is the main dude and he doesn’t do the Jax Teller nostril flare so that’s about all I can say about that.

The reason you’re seeing this movie is because of the effects, and they’re great. Doesn’t it suck in modern movies when they edit things with all that CGI camera movement and whooshing and you can’t tell what’s happening and who’s doing it to who? Not the case here, dudes. Everything is understandable and the impacts are hard. This crazy crap looks as real as it’s ever going to look.

Sure, it has problems. Doesn’t make a lot of sense, plotwise. Dumb dialogue. But the parts that own? Own hard. Best summer movie so far. See it now.

Disclaimer: I fixed all the spelling and grammar errors but left all the dumb stuff in.