Did Bob Benson have the most cringeworthy proposal in TV history?

Bob Benson made his triumphant return to Mad Men last night, proposing to Joan in one of the most awkward scenes in TV history. The shady account man with the checkered past had yet to make an appearance on the show this season. He was too busy handling the GM account, obviously.

Anyway, the exchange with Joan was cringeworthy, there’s literally no other way to describe it. Joan is caught off guard for a number of reasons. One of them being that Bob is gay. Something Bob seems unsure about.

Here is a Vine of the incident combined with Pete Campbell’s “not great Bob” line. It flows perfectly.

Let’s think about this for a moment. What’s the worst response you could get after a marriage proposal?

4) No
3) Put that away
2) You shouldn’t be with a woman
1) But you have a micropenis

In that order, right?

Ladies, feel free to weigh in here.