Fishing’s All Fun And Games Until A 1,400-Pound Bottlenose Dolphin Jumps INSIDE Of The Boat

I don’t know whether this charter fishing captain was on his way to the fishing grounds or headed in, but a school of bottlenose dolphin caught up to him, then the village idiot jumped inside his boat.

It’s cute, fun, and exciting for customers of charter fishing captains when a school of dolphin gets right up on the boat like they. The dolphin love to get right in the wake of the boat and ‘surf’, staying just behind the engine’s prop and typically out of harm’s way.

This fucking nincompoop of a bottlenose brought his nincompoopery to a level I’ve never seen before when he jumped out of the damn water and into the hull of the boat….where everyone’s sitting and gawking at the cute dolphin swimming a few feet away from them. Needless to say this escalates pretty damn quickly. This video was taken in Homossassa, Florida, on the west coast…and the dolphin was returned safely to the water after it went full-retard:

H/T to Field and Stream

Now I was going to make a GIF here of that moronic dolphin flopping around before being returned safely to the water, but in doing so it turned out to just look sad and pathetic. So feel free to watch the video above once again if you need to.


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