The boy who was saved by his cat did a pretty awesome interview

By now you’ve seen the video. Child attacked by dog gets saved by hero cat. It’s to the point now where your mom sent you the video on Facebook. Anyway, the victim in the attack, an adorable young lad, was interview by ABC. Take it away Jeremy!

I’m not going to make some grandiose statement about man’s best friend or how cats are better than dogs. That would be lame. Instead, OH MY GOD, cat fights dog now set to DMX.

How about that mom though? Sure, she’s not winning mom of the year anytime soon—she did let some crazy mutt attack her 4-year-old. But girl went all out and basically dropped boob in a national interview. Shut up, stop pretending like you didn’t notice.

Anyway, I completely lost sight of what this post was about. “Hot-ass pussy goes thug life on a dog” or something like that.