Why did Brandon Jennings delete this tweet?

Brandon Jennings might be the most interesting man on Twitter. Half the time I don’t know what he’s talking about but hey, he’s amusing, he keeps me entertained. Last night during the mayhem of the NFL draft, Jennings casually dropped this little nugget. Well, actually, it’s not so little.

It was one of those things where my timeline looked like this:

“Is Johnny Football drinking beer?”
“Darren Rovell is literally the worst human being alive”
“BOO Roger Goodell, BOO!


“With the 10th pick of the NFL draft…”
“There’s a basketball game on tonight?”

And then, the tweet disappeared. Like a fart in the wind. With absolutely no explanation.

Brandon Jennings used to be my Twitter hero, now he’s just a guy who deletes tweets. Kinda bummed you guys.