Brawl between fans and security at WWE Raw

There were two main events last night during WWE Raw in Calgary. One was in the ring, the other in the stands. The latter drew far better ratings. The action took place during the John Cena-Curtis Axel match and as you can see in the screencap below, not a single person watched.


Here’s some details from a man who witnessed the brouhaha.

“Basically there were these 3 dudes and one girl, it seemed like they were drinking quite a bit throughout the night because I kept seeing them go to get beers. Whenever they’d get up they’d always yell at people as they were leaving, didn’t matter who, saw them making fun of a little kid wearing a John Cena shirt at on point. During the main event security went up to talk to them and next thing I saw was one of them punch the security guard in the face. Within seconds there was about 15 security guards and a few cops there. The kids kept up with trying to fight the security guards and got taken down pretty quick and dragged out. One of the kids had a broken arm and got choked out after he took a swing at security. Two of the guys got thrown into some seats. After they got removed I saw security talk to a mother and two little kids and take a report from them, one of the kids was crying so I think it involved them some how. The cheering for the fight was way louder than anyone cheering for the match. Hope this helps. Let me know if you need any more info. Just out grabbing some wings right now and my phones at 10% but ill be home in 45 minutes.”

Amateur video has emerged from the fight. Though it’s a bit grainy, you can make out some haymakers and a brutal body slam by WWE security.