Bray Wyatt turns on Wyatt Family and joins Cena at live event? It’s not a bad idea

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The leader of the Wyatt Family now a member of Cena-nation?

Say it isn’t so!

Ok, it isn’t so. But this photo sure as hell makes it look like Bray Wyatt turned his back on the family to help John Cena. It was taken at a live event in Japan yesterday and spread around the internet about as fast as wrestling pictures spread.


Thankfully, it’s all bull crap. The real story is Cena ducked the chair shot causing Bray to nail Erick Rowan by accident.

But let’s think this through for a moment. Let’s pretend this shot were legit. Bray Wyatt joining forces with Cena wouldn’t make sense BUT Bray nailing one of his own would make absolute sense. Bray is the undisputed leader of the family. The leader needs to get everything he can out of his disciples. Even if it involves getting physical. This might be just the character angle Bray needs to really put him over as a lunatic.

Nathan Birch over at With Spandex gave five solid ways to “fix” the Bray Wyatt character. This might be the sixth. Make Bray an unpredictable monster. So unpredictable, his own family and followers doesn’t know when he’s going to snap and send a chair up across their face. It adds more depth to the Wyatt character and even a little to Luke and Erik. Imagine those two monsters, scared of almost nothing, afraid of the wrath of their beloved leader and brother. It could even set up the eventual Shield-sized break-up of the family (it’s going to happen sooner rather than later) and Harper and Rowan can finally get fed up with Bray’s abusive ways.

He’s got the whole world…

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