Brazilian sex doll selling for over $100,000 did a hot photoshoot

As Huffington Post covered at length, bids for the virginity of Brazil’s first real-life-simulating sex doll have topped $100,000. And with sexy photos like these, who could blame the bidders!

A listing on Brazilian site Sexônico (the accented ô is for orgasmic, maybe) tout the doll’s “fleshy lips, full breasts and a body that is the envy of all women.” But the photos of the doll in all sorts of lurid poses are clearly where the money will be made.

Obviously, we can’t go around posting photos of sex dolls spread eagle all willy nilly. But given the doll’s resemblance to a Ninja Turtles April O’Neil toy I remember from childhood, we’ve found a classy way of censoring some photos for maximum enjoyment. Take a look!


sex doll photo



naked sex doll


Oh you know those sex dolls, always spending hours getting ready.


punk rock sex doll


Yes, you’re so edgy, inanimate object some dude is going to ejaculate into once and immediately regret spending a house downpayment on.


brazil sex doll


I bet the Brazilian version of the Police Academy series is a delightful cinematic romp if this photo is any indication.

You have to commend the Brazilian sale for listing the sex doll’s “virginity” as a key selling point. The alternative is buying a devirginized sex doll, I suppose. And I’m not sure if there’s enough Febreze in the world to solve that problem.

If you need to, you can view un-Ninja Turtled photos (i.e. NSFW) of the virgin Brazilian sex doll here.